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Dental Implants, Permanent Porcelain Crowns
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dental implants_permanent tooth replacement_mouintainside/westfield_jersey.jpeg

Fortunately, even though years of missing teeth and obsolete dentistry left this patient with severely compromised oral health, we are able to replace missing teeth with permanent, beautiful, naturally functioning teeth for a lifetime of dental health. All of the back teeth are Implants.

Dental Implant, Custom Porcelain Crown and Veneer
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Both front teeth were injured. Through careful planning and working with our specialists, one tooth was removed, orthodontics corrected the bite, then custom Porcelain restorations were placed (one front tooth is a Porcelain Crown, the other a Veneer). Today, we can achieve a nearly perfect natural and beautiful result.

Implants, Custom Porcelain and Gold Crowns
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The missing back teeth are predictably replaced after Implants are fitted with custom gold abutments, followed by Porcelain Crowns. Implants are the most successful permanent tooth replacement available today.

Complete Reconstruction with Crowns, Implants, Veneers
full mouth rehab_advanced dental disease_implants_crowns.jpeg
after modern advanced dentistry_full mouth rehabilitation_advanced dental disease_veneers_crowns_implants_mountainside_westfield_springfield_new jersey_jersey.jpeg

After devestating neglect and dental disease, treatment here involved gum therapy, root canals and many teeth were removed. With a commitment to treatment, we are able to replace missing teeth permanently with Crowns and Bridges, secured to the remaining healthy teeth and Implants. Here, the lower front teeth were lost but replaced permanently with Implants and custom made Porcelain Crowns. This is truly a life changing success.

Implant Retained Full Lower Denture
implants_implant retained denture_locator attachments_overdentures_mountainside_springfield_westfield_new jersey_best jersey dentist.jpeg
implant retained denture_overdenture_locator attachments_mountainside_NJ_jersey dentist.jpeg

AFTER (Denture)

final overdenture_locator_implant retained_ mountainside_springfield_westfield_union_new jersey_jersey cosmetic dentist.jpeglocator overdenture_union county_New Jersey.jpeg

AFTER (underside of denture)

Periodontal (gum) disease claimed all of the lower teeth. A full lower denture is our option for replacing teeth. However, with the placement of Implants that are then fitted with special attachments, the Denture is secured by “snapping” on to the Implants for dramatic stability! (this case can be viewed in the rehabilitation gallery)

Teeth In A Day, The Bar Attachment Denture Technique, Permanent Teeth In A Day
Bar Attachment Denture_Teeth in a Day_Teeth in an hour_permanent teeth_implants_mountainside_westfield_springfield_short hills_New Jersey.jpeg Bar Attachment Denture_Teeth in a day_permanent implant teeth_immediate load_mountainside_NJ.jpeg

advanced dental disease_gum disease_Bar Attachment Denture_permanent teeth_teeth in a day_jersey_NJ.jpegBar Attachment Denture_Teeth in a day_ permanent teet_dental implants_mountainside_NJ.jpeg

Advanced dental disease claimed all of the upper teeth. In conjunction with our surgeon, 4 Implants are placed at stretegic locations. Thena previously made denture is modified and secured to these Implants immediately following the surgery and the patient leaves the office with permanent teeth securely and comfortably held in place. Dentures are a handicap and this procedure will dramatically enhance your quality of life.

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