Advanced Technology

Precision Dentistry

When you seek care at our office, you are assured that Dr. Liberto and his staff utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality and experience of your dental care.

Our practice uses advanced dental technology to enhance the precision of care as well as your experience.

The Diagnodent is a tool that uses a laser to “read into” tooth structure, beyond x-ray detection, to determine if a cavity exists. This “early detection” allows us to remove the cavity while preserving the most possible tooth structure.

As seen here, the german engineered Diagnodent produces a numerical value and an audible tone so that the patient is involved in the diagnostic process. You as the patientcan be sure of the detection of a cavity or be assured of a healthy tooth.

Dentistry is micro-surgery. Doctor Liberto uses precision magnification while performing most dental procedures. Usingmagnification enables us to create dental restorations with incredibly precise fit and finish. You just can’t fulfill that level of care with the naked eye.

For the most precise aspects of restorative procedures, we use german made electric hand-pieces. This results in extraordinarily precise interfaces between your tooth and your new restoration (crown, veneer, or filling). This will bring more comfort to you as well. With a more precise tool, there is less vibration and less noise.

The photos to the left show a suspicious area on a tooth that was scanned with the Diagnodent cavity detection system, the cavitiy deep in the tooth was confirmed through a conservative preperation, then filled with a bonded filling, assuring a healthy tooth.

Dr. Liberto chooses carefully which and when radiographs are taken. There are many guidelines that we follow. Radiographs allow us to see everything we cannot see with our own eyes. Radiographs enable us to detect cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level, and analyze the health of your bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors, as well as assess damage when trauma occurs.

Dental radiographs are invaluable aids in diagnosing, treating, and maintaining dental health. Exposure time for dental radiographs is extremely minimal. Dr. Liberto utilizes Digital Imaging Technologies within the office. With digital imaging, exposure time is about 50 percent less when compared to traditional radiographs. Digital imaging can also help us retrieve valuable diagnostic information. We may be able to see cavities better.

Digital imaging allows us to store patient images, and enables us to quickly and easily transfer them to specialists or insurance companies.

Digital X-rays offer more precision since we view the image on a computer monitor, instead of holding up a 35mm film up to the light. Digital X-rays results in 1/6th the radiation exposure to you.

With digital x-rays in mind, we also capture digital photos and intraoral photos for patient education. In addition, this digital data allows us to instantly share important diagnostic information with the spcialists that co-treat our patients if a consultation or referral is necessary.

Bonding technology is the foundation of a restorative dental practice. Doctor Liberto insists on the most current and proven technology in this field.

The items pictured to the left represent some of the most highly rated materials and equipment in the world. The products are supported by dominant companies that are world leaders in dental research and technology.

Intraoral Camera

Many patients, especially younger patients, are very familiar with the latest technology and are comfortable with the high tech practice. Computers and TV screens are their primary method of being informed and entertained.

Dr. Liberto utilizes intraoral camera technology that helps enhance your understanding of your diagnosis. An intraoral camera is a very small camera – in some cases, just a few millimeters long. An intraoral camera allows our practice to view clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums, in order for us to accurately make a diagnosis. With clear, defined, enlarged images, you and the doctor can see details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations. This can mean faster diagnosis with less chair-time for you!

Intra oral cameras also enable our practice to save your images in our office computer to provide a permanent record of treatments. As mentioned, these images can be printed or e-mailedto you or sent to another specialists. They may be sent toour lab for precise communication about yourcaseorattached toyour electronically submitted insurance claim.